You Don't Need 80 Gauge.

The 80 killer line is a combination of high end pre-stretch hand film and high performance machine grade stretch made with less plastic and superior resins. This translates to less material consumption, tighter wrapped pallets, and cheaper prices. At the end of the day, let’s be honest, as long as your product gets where it’s got to go in top shape, you don’t care what gauge it is. We make films that work, that save money and are better for the environment.


18" X 1500'

Our signature product. Our 80 Killer 18" X 1500' will replace any and every 18" hand film on the market. The perfect hand film that is tough enough to take on any load at a fraction of the cost of conventional hand film raging from 51 up to 90 gauge. If your hand wrapping pallets, there is no need to look any further, and if you are using 80 gauge, get ready for your boss to give you a hug for savings.



15" X 1500' Light

This is where cost savings and high performance meet. Our light pre stretched hand film is the ideal film for high volume hand wrapping applications where efficiency and profit margins are measured on the razors edge. A tough film that will get your loads tightly wrapped and keep you on budget.



20" X 5000'

Our signature machine film. This film was designed to go head to head with 80 and 90 gauge machine stretch film. It's a sturdy film that takes tough corners and heavy loads. designed to stretch up to 250% it can match the firepower of your high end stretch wrapper with pre stretched rollers. The best part, is the price is a fraction of what full gauge films will cost you.



20" X 6500'

Our Hot Rod of machine stretch films. Stretches up to 300% on high end machines it's lighter, faster, and designed for high volume applications. This product was made especially for large applications wrapping many loads in a single shift. The longer roll, means less down time and more pallets wrapped. This film is ideal for companies dealing in the big box retail and high volume online customers.